The College of European and Regional Studies

About the school

On the 3rd April 2001 the non-profit organization was founded, and, after a two-year-long effort The College of European and Regional Studies was established after the decision of The Accreditation Commission of the Czech Republic. It was accredited as the first private college in the South Bohemian Region, and it is still the largest private college there. A significant extension of its activities was the foundation of its branch in Příbram. On the 26th May 2004 The Memorandum of the Activities of the College of European and Regional Studies in Příbram was signed at the ceremonial session of the municipal board.

Its study programmes are aimed at the education of the public administration officers. Due to its focus and the characteristics of the study programmes, unambiguously following the European standards and processes in the institutional and economic fields, the students get the wide range of skills and knowledge in the sphere of management or organization of various processes in public life.

Thus the graduates can be employed in the public administration itself, in its branches and institutions, but also in the sphere of non-profit organizations, social organizations, and in the economy. More than 2,000 students have graduated from The College of European and Regional Studies within its fifteen-year-long existence, and app. 400 students are currently studying all its bachelor study programmes.